Radio Free Texas presents “RockFloat” May 24th

Radio Free Texas presents “RockFloat” at Whitewater Amphitheater, New Braunfels on May 24. There will be 8 bands including No Justice, Brandon Jenkins, Josh Abbott, Jason Allen, Tom Gillam.

I am giving away a pair of these tickets to someone here. To be eligible to win just simply submit your Name, Gender, Age Address and eMail!

Submit entries to

We will randomly choose a winner on May 1st!

Tickets courtesy of Radio Free Texas.

Published on January 12, 2008 at 10:18 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year…interesting post there, and i’ve bookmarked this blog too…keep up the good job 😉

  2. What do you mean ?

  3. hey daddy your website is interesting. Happy Birthday to me. LOL. So just wanted to stop by again and say hi. Love you. Oh remember you can call me any time.

  4. We want Central Texas Kid By The Josh Peek Band…

  5. l would like to hear Central Texas Kid by the Josh Peek Band.

  6. very nice article bro. 🙂

    Get your lyrics online on

  7. Hi!

    Brad Piccolo of the Red Dirt Rangers asked me to help spread the word. Gene Collier, the guy who wrote “The Boys from Oklahoma” needs help clearing his name.

    Gene Collier is the man who wrote “Boys From Oklahoma”,the most well-known Red Dirt song of all.He’s always there to lend a hand. Now he needs your help.

    Gene has been terminated from his 35-plus year job, accused of theft of railroad property. Gene has plead Not-guilty and has obtained legal representation. Lawyers ain’t cheap, and he has no job. The small amount of savings he had on hand (making bail, lawyer’s fee, etc.) is quickly draining out. He still has a house payment, groceries, fuel, and the basics that we all have. Of course he has the full support of his family, but we need to let his friends know that he has a need and what could be done to help. Gene’s phone # is in the book in Cushing, Okla. If nothing else, give him a call and let him know that you’re in his corner.
    If you wish to help,a fund has been set up in his name. Make contributions to:

    R. Gene Collier Legal Defense Fund

    Spirit Bank
    P.O. Box 1177
    Drumright, OK, 74030

    Any questions or comments can be sent to


  8. Another quick note….
    KFAN in Fredericksburg is a BIG Americana/Texas music supporter…4 stations worth and online…also TEXASMUSICWORLD.COM is a great online station.

  9. Let’s be clear. The “Debbie” that posted that above is also part of “No Problem Ranch”. She’s been overcharging artists for her “radio promotion” for years. I wonder if that business principle translates into her interest in NPR. By the way, Deb, have you bounced any more checks lately?

  10. M7WnF2 hi good site thx

  11. is nymphomanic on any of jason bolands cd’s i cant find it

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