Kari Meets Walt Wilkins

A friend of mine from Radio Free Texas wanted me to share this story with all of you. Enjoy!


My favorite memory from Texas Country had to be meeting Walt Wilkins. I’ve loved Walt and his poetic soul since I can remember. He is my all-time favorite singer/songwriter. I finally got to meet him this past June at the Radio Free Texas Rowdy Float Trip. Let me give some background information first to explain why meeting Walt became such a memorable occasion for my life.

My Grandpa Joe passed away March 31, 2007 from an aortic aneurysm. My Grandpa and I were close, so his death basically threw my whole world into a tailspin. There were two songs that helped me get through that hard time. One was Wade Bowen’s cover of “Atlantic City” by Springsteen and the other was “Up and On My Way” by Walt. Up and On My Way really spoke to me and brought so much peace to the situation I was in. My grandpa was a minister and always taught me to believe in God. I know that God brought this song to me, via my angel Walt, that very night after I got home from the hospital where I saw my grandpa lying on a table, lifeless.

June rolled around and I was informed that Walt Wilkins would be playing at the Rowdy Float Trip that Radio Free Texas was putting on. I volunteered to work the event and just happened to be working backstage when Walt was through performing. I mustered up the nerve to go and say hello to him. I introduced myself to him and thanked him for doing what he was gifted to do. I then told him the story of my Grandpa and how his music had touched my life and brought me peace and strength. Walt was so sweet. He asked me questions about my Grandpa and me. He even wiped the tears from my cheek when they started to flow from the still fresh emotions. I think meeting Walt finally helped to start the healing process because I got to thank someone that touched my life in a rough time. If you’ve never heard Walt’s music, pick up one of his CD’s and give it a spin. You won’t regret it. He just might touch your life with his words like he’s touched mine.




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