North Texas Earthquakes


Thursday Night Oct. 30 and Friday Morning Oct. 31 2008 two earthquakes were reported in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of North Texas an d one in Oklahoma.

The first one, centered in Grand Prairie, Texas, measured 2.5 on the ricter scale and was reported at 11:25 pm Thursday night. The second, centered in Irving, Texas, measured 3.0. and at 11:30am Thursday morning a 3.1 magnitude quake shook McCloud, Oklahoma 180 miles to the north of Dallas. These quakes appeared to be centered 3 miles deep in the earth. Aftershocks are expected to be felt for several days according to the US Geological Survey.

As of this post no signifacant damage was reported.

From what I have gathered the earthquake was caused by a shift in the Barnett Shale, a natural gas deposit found in the 1950’s


Saturday morning at 6:54am another 2.7 magnitude quake hit the DFW area centered in North Irving, Texas (The Las Colinas area). Again no damage was reported!

We are now up to 8 small quakes to hit the DFW area this past week. Here is a breakdown of Time, locations and strengths.

Time GPS City Mag.
10/30/08 10:25pm 32.800N 97.016W Irving, Texas 2.6
10/30/08 11:01pm 32.836N 97.029W Irving, Texas 3.0
10/30/08 11:33pm 32.871N 96.971W Irving, Texas 2.6
10/31/08 1:58am 32.832N 97.012W Irving, Texas 2.9
10/31/08 2:54pm 32.831N 97.028W Irving, Texas 2.9
10/31/08 3:01pm 32.788N 97.028W Grand Prairie, Texas 2.9
11/01/08 5:53am 32.766N 97.035W Grand Prairie, Texas 2.5
11/01/08 5:54am 32.873N 96.968W Irving, Texas 2.7

I have also uploaded this info to Google Earth and Google maps.

You can view these locations online with Google maps at this link:

If any more news comes from this story, I’ll update you!

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