Review: Mike McClure Band – Did7

Mike McClure Band - Did7

Mike McClure Band - Did7

Mike McClure has gotten a lot of flack since leaving beloved red dirt pioneers the Great Divide in 2003. This disc is proof those people are wrong. Did7 is an early front runner for album of the year in my book, and I’m more than happy to tell you why. First off, it’s top to bottom the best album of McClure’s career. For the first time he blends everything he’s given us over the years into one amazing set of songs. “Magnolia”, “Take Me Somewhere Tonight” and “Supposed To Be” could have all felt right at home on any one of the Great Divide’s albums. “I just want to feel something, yeah anything is alright, but we don’t have to do nothing ,just take me somewhere tonight”. Lyrics like that, sang in the way that only Mac can is unbeatable. The album kick off “Stupid Hole” is a song that anyone over three days old can relate to. Today sucks, but I’ve got high hopes for tomorrow. He embraces his silly side with “Dance Like An Idiot”, his
gospel side with “Hallelujah” (featuring an awesome horn section of all things) and his family man side with “Little Sister Sunshine”. It’s no secret Mike’s oldest daughter Marleigh had cancer last year (she’s 100% recovered), and “Little Sister” is all the more touching knowing that. Written for Mike’s youngest daughter Mayme from Marleigh’s point of view makes the song one for the ages. “Even when the sun is gone, my little sister’s sun shines on”. Amazing. We get a little bit of Twelve Pieces with the tune “Eagle and the Crow”, a little Everything Upside Down with “Nowhere Else To Run” and even some Foam with “Streamlining”. This album combines everything Mike has done in his career to somehow give us something we’ve never heard before. Thanks Mike.

Writer Brandon Morrow, OK

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