HELP – That is what Christian Lamitschka named his Charity Project

HELP, www.MySpace.com/HelpCharity , that is the name that Christian Lamitschka and his cooperation partner the ‚Rednecks WesternLaedle, gave to their charity project which will take off on the 1st of August 2008.

Christian Lamitschka and the owners of the Rednecks WesternLaedle, Birgit and Chris King, explain the meaning of HELP: „HELP is a synonym for Handicapped, Engagement, Loyalty, Protection and in German this also describes exactly what we want to achieve. Handicapped children in America and Germany often do not get enough commitment , loyalty and protection.“

Through HELP they want to supports organizations that pay attention to the needs of handicapped children in Germany and America. „Today’s life is not easy to handle for children. This is even more the case if children are born with a handicap as their childhood is means a lot of privations.“ In order to make life easier Christian Lamitschka and his partners want to use HELP to present some good times to handicapped children.

Numerous donations from artists and companies already found their way to Christian Lamitschka. Aaron Watson, Abus, Adam Levy, Adeniji, Allison Krauss, Allison Janisse, Amber Rhodes, Andy Griggs, Anja Krombholz, April Taylor, Asleep At The Wheel, Baer Family Records, Becky Schlegel, Billy Burnette, Billy Ray Cyrus, Black Hawk, Blake Shelton, Bob Kingsley’s Top 40, Breandon James Wright And The Wrongs, Brian Bender, Brian McGuire, BRM Records, Buick Audra, Candice, Carolina Rain, Carrera, Carrie Elkin, Casablanca Ramblers, Casey Triscoll, Casie Driscoll, Cerrito, Charlie Allen, Charlie Daniels, Charlotte, Christian Lamitschka, Chuck Wicks, Clear Blue 22, Clint Black, Colt Ford, Connie Kis Anderson, Corbett / Chrisman / Tice, Crooked Still, Crystal Gayle, Curb Records, Daniel Smith, Dave Caley, DeAnne Moore, Deorah Hightower, DG, Ed Bentley, Elling, Emily Burridge, Emily Portman, Emma Mae Jacob, Ensemble Al-Asdeka, Eugene Marlow, Fender, Fox Brothers, Frank James, George McClure, Georgette Jones, Hadassah, Haley Breedlove, Hans Lamitschka BDW, Hermann Lammers Meyer, Jake Owen, James Hunter, Jason Meadows, Jeff Griffith, Jeremy McComb, John Arthur Martinez, Josh Turner, Julianne Hough, Julie Ingram, Kasie Smith, Katja Kaye, Katy Kiefer, Kenny Chesney, Kevin Fowler, Kyle Jennings, Lane Brody, Larry Rice, Lefty The Honkytonk Cowboy, Little Big Town, Little Texas, Lucie Diamand, Lynn Taylor Donovan, Mark Huff, Mark McGuinn, Marlboro, Marthia Sides, Martina McBride, Michael Knight, Michael Peterson, Michael Twitty, Montana Highway, Montgomery Gentry, Neal W Joung, Otis Read, Owen Temple, Paul Ansell, Paul Stout, Phil Coley / Joe Pickering , Pinecastle Records, Rascal Flatts, Reinando El Juego, Ren & “T”, Renee Grant-Williams, Rhonda Towns, Richard Murray, Richie And The Rocket Dogs, Rick Huckaby, Rio Rocko, Robin Dean Salmon, Rodrigo Haddert, Roni Stoneman, Ronica Coldiron, Rounder Records, Rubber Duck, Sara Evans, Shawna Russell, Shile Records, Smithsonian Folkways Recording, Smoky Weston, Song Dogs, Sony / BMG, Star De Azlan, Steel Guitar Nashville, Stella Parton, Stephen Cochran, Tabatha, TaVeren, Taylor Ware, Teeter Gray, The Baker Boys, The Bellamy Brothers, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Daddys, The Highroad, The Road Hammers, The Roady Prairie Dogs, The Shady Lanes, The Southern Sky Line, The Turpetine Treacle, Tim Scott, Todd O’Neal, Tom Astor, Tony Trischka, Tracey Bonham, Tracey K. Houston, Trent Willmonn, Tresa Jordan, Ulli Möhring, Vince Hatfield, Warner Bros. Nashville, Western Mail, Whitney Wolanin, Willhelm Pfeiffer, WVVS and many others support HELP.

Christian Lamitschka and the owners of the Rednecks WesternLaedle, www. rednecks-westernlaedle. de , state that „HELP is not time-limited. The project starts on the 1st August 2008. From this date everybody will receive a reward for their donation. Many CDs, T-Shirts and various other merchandise, some signed by the donating artist can be obtained against a small donation.

Christian Lamitschka, Birgit and Chris King already have plans about a certain project in America and Germany which they want to support with these donations. Some small details still have to be clarified before the organizations will be announced to the public.

Organizations that help handicapped children and want to apply for support from HELP, as well as companies, artists or individuals that want to support HELP with their donations or their personal support should contact Christian Lamitschka:

Christian Lamitschka
An der Pfingstweide 28
61118 Bad Vilbel
Phone: +49 (0) 6101 544613
Fax: +49 (0) 6101 544622
Mobil: +49 (0) 171 6903352
E-Mail: Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de
E-Mail: HelpCharity@web.de
Internet: www.MySpace.com/ChristianLamitschka
Interet: www.MySpace.com/HelpCharity

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