Prayer Request

I have a sad story to report.

My youngest daughters best friend, a 6 year old boy named Franklin was involved in a freak accident yesterday and is not doing well.

He was riding his bicycle with a friend and ventured a little to close to a busy road. Not in the road mind you and normally would not have been a problem. Unfortunately a pick-up pulling a horse trailer was traveling down the road at that time. Unknown to the driver, the gate on the trailer had come undone and was swinging behind the trailer. When he was near the little boy fate stepped in and opened the gate to it fullest position. The gate hit the poor boy at at least 45 miles per hour.

He was knocked off his bicycle and was unconscious when his grandmother reached him. The driver of the pick-up was unaware of what had happened. (More on him later) When a licensed nurse, who just happened to drive up, got to the child her medical instincts took over. Worse yet she knew the little boy. We live in a small town.

He did regain consciousness before the ambulance arrived on scene but when I was there, it did not look good.

Later through the grapevine so to speak. We found out he had a least one fracture of his leg and a severe head wound. There was brain matter around the opening in his tiny skull. The ambulance transported him down the road to an open field where they were met by Care-Flight. They Helicoptered him to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, over 100 miles away.

I waited until now to post this because we were waiting word on his condition. My wife spoke with his grandmother today. She met him at the hospital. He has two fractures of his left leg and a major head wound. He is not in a coma but they are keeping him heavily sedated. They are keeping his body temperature low to reduce swelling in his head.

He is still listed as critical and they, at this point, are not very hopeful for a recovery. The doctors have warned the family if he does survive he may have some amount of brain damage.

We have this poor child in several prayer circles here local in our town through at least 3 different churches and several bible groups. I also want those who read this to please add Little Franklin to your Prayer list.

As for the driver….he was tracked down and was unaware of what had happened. I have not heard much about them. Franklin’s grandmother does want him to know she is not mad for it was not his fault, she does realize it was an accident. The driver’s wife did not take to news of what had happened very well, paramedics had to sedate her.


We have set up a collection to help Franklin’s family out during this troubling time. If you would like to help out simply click the PayPal link to donate what ever you can even $1.00 is fine.

If you don’t want the family to know your name be sure to leave a message when you are on the PayPal page else all name will be put in a cards for the family!

I will also update it as we hear more.

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