Review: CD Tex Vol. 62 Feb. ’08 (Yeah it’s late I know!)

The CD Tex Sampler back in February had a pretty good line up!

  1. Carl Acuff Jr. – Gonna Be Bad Today
  2. Sammy Sadler – Trying To get The Girl
  3. Jerry Lee Surber – Don’t Have To Love Me Back
  4. James Lann – You’re From The Country Too
  5. Lisa Hayes – Fierce Love
  6. Chuck Allen Floyd – I’m Not That Drunk Yet
  7. Johnny Bush – Free Soul
  8. Brian Collins – Wake Up Dancin’
  9. Bryan Fontenot – Trailer Park Pulp Fiction
  10. J. R. Castillo – Welcome To My Country

Carl Acuff Jr. has a great Red Dirt sound. The song itself has pretty good lyrics in my opinion. Speaks about having to much bottled up inside and need to unleash the “Rowdy!” Great song, can’t wait to hear the rest of the CD. Look for Carl’s CD Two Trails on Something Else Records. (

Sammy Sadler’s “Trying to Get the Girl” is awesome the only downside I heard was the voice tweak with a PA horn. I personally didn’t care for that part. Fortunately it was only one line. Sammy web site is

Jerry Lee Surber is verging on rock more than Red Dirt in my opinion with “Don’t Have To Love Me Back”. Has more of a late 70’s Dr. Hook feel to it. But don’t get me wrong it is still a good song and would like to hear the rest of his Hey Guitar CD on Tejas Records International. (Jerry Lee on MySpace)

James Lann’s “You’re From The Country Too” needs to be everyone’s theme song! great vocals and music! Lyrics are just spot on! Speaks about God in the Pledge, The right to bear arms…….man I just realized I am “From The Country Too!” Check out James’ CD F-O-R-D on Ari-Tex Records (

Lisa Hayes just rocks out with this Zydeco/Red Dirt hybrid. Terrific song, love her voice! I am interested in hearing the rest of her Somewhere Deep In Texas CD. (

Chuck Allen Floyd brings a little comedy to the Red Dirt world with “I’m Not That Drunk Yet”. You know we have all been there! The not so great looking chick/guy ask us to dance and well “I’m Not That Drunk Yet” is what we really want to say because you know by closing time they all look good! Look for Chuck Allen Floyd on Chief Tecumseh Entainment (Chuck Allen on MySpace)

Johnny Bush……not really my cup of tea on this song. Kinda reminds me of the Champagne room at some ritzy hotel. Names like Frank Sinatra and Perry Como come to mind. Just didn’t feel Red Dirt to me. From the CD Kashmere Gardens Mud on Ice House Music. (

Brian Collins slows it down with “Wake Up Dancin'” Great heart felt song! Sure to get some on the dance floor with this one. Brian’s CD Farm Road is available from Promise Records

Bryan Fontenot “Trailer Park Pulp Fiction” LOVE IT! then again I am Trailer Park Trash at heart! So I really associate with this song! Great tempo and super lyrics. Definitely want to hear the rest of the CD. I think though, for him to really go somewhere he should consider a pen name! Just my opinion! Look for the self titled CD Bryan Fontenot on Aspirion/JAXN Records Group (

J. R. Castillo is keepin’ the dirt red with “Welcome To My Country” from the CD Diablo on CEG Records. Great track, if the rest of his CD is half as good it would be well worth the buy! (J. R. on MySpace)

That rounds out the Feb. ’08 CD Tex Sampler! Sorry it took so long!

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