Review – No Problem Ranch (Radio)

I found a pretty good online radio station called No Problem Ranch. Great Texas Music. Not only will you hear the more current stuff they also play a good mix of Texas music from the past like Bob Wills and Cindy Walker. Some of the station breaks are a little on the controversial side and rather political, but hey thats the way we are in Texas! They are definitely not a liberal radio station. They are conservatives and proud of it. Their web site has a link for music news and political news. Beside the political stuff it’s a great radio station and good break from Radio Free Texas, which is getting a little repetitious with their request. I am not saying RFT is a bad station, I still listen to them everyday, I am saying that NPR should be added to your listening rotation!

On a scale of 1-5 No Problem Ranch get a 4.5 from me!

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  1. Radio Free Texas is still the only station where the listeners drive the playlist. We may not be politically incorrect but at least it’s a place where “artists have a voice and listeners have a choice.”. Thanks for the mention.

  2. You are aware that RFT is all listener request driven right and that the listeners that are over-requesting the music are to blame and not RFT itself? Why the need to say anything negative about RFT in a review of a totally seperate radio station?

  3. Why bring one radio station into a review for another station. It makes no since. Sing your praises for the “ranch”, but leave RFT out it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that you need to bash it in a review for something completely different. Keep it to your self. RFT is listener driven, if you have a beef, take it up with the listeners and leave the station out of it.

  4. Seems to be some confusion. I never “Bashed” RFT I am an active VIP member there myself and continue to support them. I know it is listener driven and that is a good thing.. My words were “good break from Radio Free Texas” I did not say an alternative to RFT! As the saying goes, Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Radio Free Texas will always be on my daily listen schedule but now No Problem Ranch will also get some time on MY speakers.

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