Review – Joshua Peek – Central Texas Kid (CD)

The debut CD from Josuha Peek, Central Texas Kid, is the epitome of Texas Music.

  1. Wahoo!
  2. Cold Dead Hands
  3. Central Texas Kid
  4. Port Aransas Sand
  5. Where Have All the Cowgirls Gone?
  6. Walztin’ All Alone
  7. Barbwire
  8. Buckin’ Chute Saloon
  9. Rowdy Time
  10. For A Dream
  11. You Mighta Been Robbed
  12. I Love Drunk Women
  13. Hidden Bonus Track

With a sound similar to Aaron Watson with a little more Hill Country Attitude, Josh Peek is destined to be around for a long time. The songs on this CD speak the truth about Texas. When you hear Wahoo! you just now it means fun. Cold Dead Hands could easily be a theme song For the Texas Chapter of the NRA. When I was reading the track listing and saw track 5 all I could think of was a comeback song to Paula Cole hit song “Where Have All the Cowboy Gone?” So I went into it with a prejudgment but I was surprised. I found myself asking Where Have All the Cowgirls Gone? Great song. I have not seen Josh in concert yet but I am sure his songs fill whatever dance floor is in front of him. From simple two-step to waltzes, this CD has em all. The Buckin’ Chute Saloon is a bar I think I have been to many times, and several times in the last week. This song will help you through some hard times. Remember whatever you are going through someone has it rougher than you. Rowdy Time must be Beer:30. A great up-tempo Party Song! The song You Mighta Been Robbed is an interesting look at a cheating lover from a third person perspective. Terrific song, very original lyrics. The last track (13) is not listed in the liner notes. It starts off with a dedication from Josh to his brother Troy, who died in a motorcycle wreck, and his Uncle Bill who died of a heart attack. Terrific acoustic song about a rodeo rider that has to ride just one more time.

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  1. i love josh peek band… i love how all of his songs are so true and i can relate to some of them.. i can’t wait to go and get his cds..

  2. I knew Joshua back when he was going to school at South Plains and glad that he has taken that talent and put it to good use.

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