Review – Rodney Parker & The Fifty Peso Reward – The Lonesome Dirge (CD)

  1. Firefight
  2. 10 Lb. Test
  3. Atlantic City
  4. In The River
  5. Brother
  6. Ghost
  7. Wild Man From Borneo
  8. A Knife Beneath Your Pillow
  9. I’m Never Getting Married
  10. Tell Me What It Is
  11. 11 Hours

Overall this is not that bad of a CD. There are a couple songs I just didn’t care for. The Opening track Firefight is a great song. Both lyrically and musically. Kinda loses something with 10 Lb. Test I feel the vocal arrangement should have been different somehow. Now that brings us to a Bruce Springsteen tune, Atlantic City, This is a good choice for Rodney. His voice fit the song. Bruce should be happy with this version of his classic. In The River is another great song. Love the way he choose to do the vocals, great arrangement. Now the next track. Brother, Is where he loses me again. Personally I don’t like this song. First it’s too slow for my taste. The lyrics are pretty cool but don’t care for the arrangement. Sorry Rodney! Ghost, although another slow tempo song, I like it . It sorta tugs at the heart. The mellow sound of the trumpet, played by Mike Maher, really sets off the song. Rodney really get Kinky with the next track. Wild Man From Borneo a cover of Kinky Friedman. Although I like Kinky’s version better, probably because I know it. RP50PR did it justice. It will still be one to get ’em on the dance floor. Track 8 A Knife Beneath Your Pillow is another one I don’t care for. I can’t quite put my finger on the problem with this song. It just does not sound pleasing to me. If it was to come on the radio I would change the station. Again sorry Rodney. I’m Never Getting Married is a pretty cool song. Although it sounds pretty much like the rest of the CD I like the message. It’s upbeat and after all single life is fun (I love you April!). Tell Me What It Is finally changes to sound of the CD. This track has it’s own sound on this CD and I like it a lot. Great lyrics, vocals and musical arrangement. The last track on the CD, 11 Hours, finishes off kinda slow and leaving you wanting more. I didn’t like this track at all. It lives up to the whole slow song cliche’. I found it hard to listen to. It seems to ramble and is hard to follow.

I feel bad about this review. This is my first non-favorable review I have written. These are my opinion and your results may vary. I am in no way saying “Don’t buy this CD.” In fact I think you should all go out and see RP50PR and buy their CD and listen for yourself.

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  1. Is this site for real? Lets see it you can make your sentences any shorter and your opinions any more dull.

  2. I could write a better review in my sleep. There’s nothing wrong with a negative review, but at least make some damn sense when doing so. You don’t like slow songs…we all get that. What does it take to write a review like yours? Let’s see…”I don’t like your writing, because I don’t. I just don’t get it.” And who apologizes for the opinions they state in a blog?!!! I’m sure Rodney was touched by your apology…

    This review is worth nothing to fans who are trying to decide what music to buy. You are a joke and don’t deserve to review another piece of music.

  3. Hey, My blog and my opinions. I am sure some people will like and do like this CD but personally I don’t. If you don’t agree with my opinions, form your own buy their CD and decide for yourself. And as for writing reviews in your sleep, if you would like to write for us let me know and I can send you some CD’s to review.

  4. Personally, I think you need to learn how to spell and make complete sentences before you begin publishing reviews of songwriters that you aren’t even qualified to lick the mud off the boot heels of. Other than that, I think you’re ok…but everyone else can feel free to make their own decisions. Ya know…

  5. “This is my first non-favorable review I have written.”

    This reads like its the first thing you’ve ever written. This doesn’t even seem non-favorable. It just appears that this is over your level of intelligence and grammatical ability.

  6. “Kinda loses something with 10 Lb. Test I fell the vocal arrangement should have been different somehow.”

    Any suggestions?

    And please review before you put something else out there… fell, the way he choose to do, Rodney really get Kinky? Does anyone else get this stuff?

    How can this stuff benefit anyone?

  7. I could come up with a better column by eating a can of alphabet soup and checking my toilet the next morning.

  8. Look,
    I understand that you have the right to think whatever you want about a song, and to write your own opinions.

    I don’t agree with your assessment. I have heard the album on Radio Free Texas (all but one song) and was blown away by all of the tracks I have heard.

    But, as a speaker and a writer of the English language myself, I am extremely offended by your review. You repeatedly hacked up some very basic functions of the basic sentence and its nearly impossible to make sense of some of your comments.

    Your inability to create a simple sentence greatly reduces any credibility you may have had. Also, other reviews I have read give insight into opinions, not just random musings on what your musical tastes are.

  9. Hey man. I’m in this band. Its all good. This record isn’t for everyone. I, like texasreddirt, do encourage everyone to check out the record online and make their own decisions. Texasreddirt – don’t sweat it man, you’re entitled to your opinion, I respect the balls. Great blog. Keep it up.

  10. I’m glad I don’t have to play nice-nice in the sandbox.

  11. I am a huge fan of this band. If ever given the chance, seeing them live will blow you away. Pay attention to the lyrics, there was actual thought put into them and the sound is anything but ordinary. “Blow The Soot Out” was a great CD and RP50 has outdone themselves on this second album. Good work guys, can’t wait to see the next show!

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