Review – Randy Brown – Hard Face to Face (CD)

Randy Brown

Sophomore CD Hard Face to Face

RB Productions

  1. Hard, Hard World
  2. Ophelia
  3. Honky Tonk Mood Again
  4. Hard Face to Face
  5. Warmth of the Wine
  6. Tell ’em I’ve Gone Crazy
  7. Your Secret’s Safe With Me
  8. Goin’ Down Drinkin’
  9. A Dime at a Time
  10. This Guitar is for Sale
  11. Rodeo This
  12. I Never Did Know
  13. Cuttin’ the Rug
  14. All Likkered Up

Randy is a very energetic performer, and his music shows that. There is a reason that he is nominated for 5 awards this year at the Texas Music Awards. Including Male Vocalist of the Year.

The CD starts off strong with Hard, Hard World written by Jamie Hartford. The song shows an influence of Bellamy Brothers. Very down to earth song with lots of energy. Track 2 Ophelia, is kind of a cute song about a woman who just up and left. Honky Tonk Mood Again keeps the ball rollin’ with a medium tempo rant about a fun lovin’ girlfriend/wife who like to dance and have a good time. Hard Face to Face is the first song on this CD written by Randy. Great lyrics, been many a day that I looked in the mirror and felt the same way. A little slower than I like but great song writing! Track 5 Warmth of the Wine is definitely one for the dance floor! On Tell ’em I’ve Gone Crazy Randy called in the big guns! The song written by the immortal Ed Bruce back in 1984 is sure to be a hit for Randy also. 20 plus years since this song came out and Randy nailed it. If you have read any of my other reviews you know I don’t care for the slow songs but this song you can’t help but like, “Kudos Randy, Good Job!” Your Secret’s Safe With Me is another Jamie Hartford addition. One of the best tracks on the CD in my opinion. Track 8 is another Randy Brown original co-written with James Brock, Goin’ Down Drinkin’. How many time have we all been here? Lost a love and trying to get over her but always seem to fail and feeling knocked down. Well if I’m, goin’ down “I’m gonna go down drinkin'” . Another classic throwback, A Dime at a Time, written by Jerry Chesnut and Dottie Bruce. This song puts Randy up there with the like of Ernest Tubb and Del Reeves. Great choice for Randy another spot on cover. This Guitar is for Sale written by Shel Silverstein is probably my least favorite song on this CD. Now that is not to say it is a bad song. As I stated I don’t personally care for the slow tempo songs. Lyrically it is a great song and Randy does a great job on the vocals. So if you like the slower stuff you will most likely love this song. Rodeo This displays bold Texas lyricism combined with Nashville craftsmanship. OK I admit it I didn’t write that line but it does fit. I found that statement on the Texas Music Round-up web site. This song was written by Roy Robinson and Shawn Pabst. A 1996 David Ball tune I Never Did Know is another cover that Randy did a great version of. In my opinion it is better than the original, Sorry David. Cuttin’ the Rug the third Randy Brown original was co-written with Mike Owen. Great up tempo Texas Swing. Sure to get ’em on the dance floor. That brings us to what I feel is the best song on the CD. All Likkered Up witten by Roger Alan Wade.

Some other notable personalities on Randy’s CD are Ray Austin, Chad & Reggie Rueffer & Tommy Alverson.

Produced by Tommy Alverson, Chad Rueffer and Randy Brown.

The 5 Awards that Randy is nominated for at the TMA’s this year are:

  • Male Vocalist of the Year – Randy Brown
  • Producer of the Year – Randy Brown, Tommy Alverson & Chad Rueffer
  • Album of the Year – Hard Face to Face, Randy Brown
  • Entertainer of the Year – Randy Brown
  • Live Band of the Year – Randy Brown Band

you can vote for Randy at The Texas Music Awards website.

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