Lyrics: Adam Carroll – Sno-Cone Man

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Sno-Cone Man

Out in the hot sun standing in line,
buying sno-cones in the summertime,
buying sno-cones from the sno-cone man.

How many cones in July have you sold?
Can’t sell ’em at Christmas time, it’s too damn cold.
Said the sno-cone man, the sno-cone man.

Can’t get no cone for a nickel or a dime
Can I date your sister, she’s mighty fine
Mr. Sno-Cone man, Sno-Cone man

Your sister Jeanie she bought me 2,
cherry for love and grape for blue
Mr. Sno-Cone man, Sno-Cone man

He gave me directions to her whereabouts
said, “if she likes you, ask her out\”
Thank ya Sno-Cone , Sno-Cone Man

She’s got a big, big boyfriend he might give me a whipping,
he bought me a yellow one and called me a chicken. He said “you chicken”
I said “thank you Sno-cone man”

Took my yellow sno-cone I was on my way,
stopped and bought a pretty rose bouquet.
With the sno-cone with sno-cone man.

Found her house she was at the door
sno-cone cups scattered on the floor
From her brother, the sno-cone man.

She saw my flowers she said “everybody knows
a yellow sno-cone’s better than a red red rose.
Be my sno cone won’t you be my sno-cone man?

She cried watermelon tears prettiest I’d ever seen,
gave me kisses and my tongue turned green
Lime green flavor from a sno-cone man

She said “my big big boyfriend I don’t like him at all,
he’s got a hard head and his sno-cone’s small.
Little sno-cone, little sno-cone man.

She took me upstairs and we sang this song,
been making sno-cones all day long.
Me and Jeanie making sno-cone love

I asked Jeanie “would you be my wife?
Sell me sno-cones at half the price?”
Sell me sno-cones from the sno-cone man.

We got married and we said “I do”
it was a cone for me it was a cone for you.
Got married by the sno-cone man.

Had a reception at the sno-cone stand,
had our honeymoon in sno-cone land.
Compliments of the sno-cone man

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