Lyrics: Brian Burns – Gimme A Ride To Heaven

Here is a Great Song! You can hear it on Radio Free Texas!

Gimme A Ride To Heaven
Terry Allen (C)opr. 1983 – Green Shoes Publishing Co. (BMI)

I was all caught up with myself
on the highway late one night,
drivin’ along like a bat out of hell
when I beheld an amazing sight.
It was a lonely apparition
by the roadside standin’ there
with a thumb out in the wilderness
and a halo in his hair.

He said, “gimme a ride to Heaven, boy,
and I’ll show you Paradise.
Gimme a ride to heaven, boy,
my name is Jesus Christ.”

Well, I came screechin’ to a halt
and I said, “hop on in.”
He said, “thanks a lot for the ride,
I forgive you of your sins.
I just came from Jerusalem
where things are goin’ bad.
Aw, gimme a ride to Heaven, boy,
I need to talk to my dad.”


Well, I didn’t know quite what to do
so I jammed ‘er down in gear,
started kickin’ my feet under the seat,
well, I was tryin’ to hide the beer.
Well, he just grinned and said,
“my friend, I know this may sound odd,
but you got nothin’ to fear about drinkin’ your beer
if you share it with The Son of God.”


Well, I saw good news in them baby blues,
so I punched ‘er to the floor.
I said, “you’ll have to show me how to get there
‘cause I ain’t been before.”
“Well, it’s a hard place to find,” he said,
“but I’ll give you a little clue:
it ain’t somewhere up in the air,
it’s sittin’ right here inside with you.”

Then right in the middle of that perfect smile,
from his robes he pulled a gun,
stuck it right upside my head,
said “how’s this for Kingdom Come?”
Well, I pulled off scared but I heard him say,
as he left me beneath the stars,
“you know The Lord moves in mysterious ways,
and tonight, my son… he gonna use your car.”


Visit Brian Burns web site at

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  1. nice one!

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