Merry Christmas

Ok, I usually try to avoid talking politics and religion on my blog. But considering the time of year, why not?!?

First of all I just want to say the my pick, thus far, for a President in ’08 is Mike Huckabee. I like the fact that in todays world where anything American may offend a foreigner, immigrant or (illegal alien), he has the balls to speak about God and Jesus! Amen Mike! You just won my vote!

Now speaking more about that subject. I heard a song by some local DJs, on a radio station where I live, about Christmas. It was the official Non-Offensive Holiday song. I don’t remember all the words but I will look it up and try to post them here. I know, “Christmas is almost over” well still it shows the way “Americans” at least some of them, think today.

It had lines like “Jolly guy in a red suit” instead of Santa. Since Santa in associated with Christmas which is a Christian holiday, he could offend some people. And how about “Happy festival at the end of the year” instead of “Merry Christmas” or “the baby of questionable birth” rather than Jesus. You see where I am going with this? It’s all around us, no one wants to offend anyone! Well you know what? I don’t care anymore! I am a Christian and proud of it! All these people that come to the United States of America (One Nation under GOD!) left their countries because they didn’t like what was going on there! They come here and then complain that they don’t like the way we do things…..GO HOME THEN! they knew damn well what America was when they came in the first place. We as Americans need to stand up for OUR rights! The founding fathers of this country were Christians and built the country on the faith and beliefs of Christianity! These FOOLS that come here and say “Your Christian religion offends me!” Well they don’t seem to have a problem with spending money that says “In GOD We Trust”

In my opinion American politicians have become weak minded fools that cave in to any little complaint. How can we take God out of our lives and expect things to turn out OK! Can’t they see where this is going to end! Just look at all these other countries where one side believes in some form of religion that the other side opposes! There are wars that have been fought for years, decades, centuries over just that, religious beliefs! Well if you ask me that is where we are headed and it ain’t a pretty thought!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not racist or prejudice I think everyone should feel free to worship whatever god they feel is right for them. But for me and many thousands more who know that Jesus died on the cross so that we my live, I feel compelled to give honor to the great “I Am” and I am not afraid to use these words:





Holy Bible

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

Holy Ghost

Those that feel that these words offend them or someone else have been influenced but yet another Biblical being “Satan” May God have mercy on their souls!

So in this Christmas season as you remember the Virgin birth of Christ, Pray for our country and the souls of the lost multitude!

If this post offended you TOUGH! You saw the title you shouldn’t have read it……Another freedom here in the United States of America is freedom of CHOICE and you CHOOSE to read this! I didn’t force you!

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  1. Here in Texas, escaping Christian influence is impossible. Are you in Oklahoma?

  2. Ed,

    Thanks for reading my rant! No I am in NE Texas! Close to Oklahoma though, Red River County. I am also a supporter of the secession of Texas from the Union!

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