Review – Concert – Festival on the Square

Festival On The Square

Tyler Texas



Line Up:

  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Doug Moreland
  • Brandon Rhyder
  • Stoney LaRue
  • Charlie Robison

Although I did not get to stay for Charlie the family and I had a blast. It was our kids first concert and the got to have pictures taken with Kacey Musgraves, Doug Moreland and Molly. Our oldest daughter Olyvia got to stand at stage side when Stoney was on and she loved it!

Kacey was great before her set she let me record an interview with her (watch the our web site for that to be posted soon). The crowd was small when she was on but it was only 4pm. The crowd that was there loved her. Miranda Lambert’s parents, Rick and Bev showed up to support her.

Doug Moreland had some technical difficulties with his guitar and was not able to play it so he just used the fiddle. He had a great set despite the guitar problems. Molly is following her grandmother pretty well she now plays the fiddle but can’t quite sing like the Great Holly-Peno. A rare event happened during”The Beer Song”when he get to “How fast can you drink” Doug actually got tongue tide. Like Kacey, Doug also let me record and interview and will be posted on our web site soon.

Brandon put on a hell of a show! the crowd finally started to pick up in size and enthusiasm many people stood up at the stage and Brandon did not disappoint them! Brandon has come along way since his debut CD and I personally look forward to hearing the upcoming Studio CD. He played a couple tracks form the soon to be released CD as well as the new tracks off of “Brandon Rhyder: Live” Great Show!

Highlight of the night, for my wife and I anyway was STONEY!

Loved his set. Opened with “One Chord Song” and only got better from there! Tried to get an interview with Stoney but could never get together with him this time around. He looked and sounded Top of his game! The cool night air in NE Texas just carried Stoney through the crowd and you could feel his intensity. I think he enjoyed being there as much as the crowd loved him being there!

And “Sorry Charlie!”  We did not get to stay for your set. We, my wife, two daughters and I arrived at the festival at 11:30 Saturday morning. My wife has a bad tooth problem which kept her from getting much sleep Friday night and I work a night shift and got off work at 5:00am Saturday morning so neither of us had much sleep and our two daughters were exhausted after spending the day at the festival. So we had to leave. It was an hour and half drive home. Next year we plan to get a hotel and stay for the whole show.

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