Featured Artist of the Week – Chute Nine


A lot of ground is covered in this fantastic debut from Chute Nine who have been quickly building a following around the state courtesy of their high energy live shows (ask anyone who has seen them and be prepared to listen to an enthusiastic endorsement that might last for hours). The standout track on this collection is the infectious “Mexican Dog”. It sounds like nothing on the radio, and has an unrivaled story line that goes like this; boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, but not before leaving behind a precocious dog. Then, boy finds girl, boy tells girl to take a hike and leaves the dog behind with her, boy gets last laugh. It will make you smile, and it will give you that “south of the border” feeling that will leave you wanting another cerveza! Another gem is “Texas”, a highway song about going home to the Lone Star State for the very first time, but with a twist. “Now I’m home for the first time in Texas, and I’m back where I ain’t never been”. Don’t miss the romantic “80 Acres” or the raucous “Hound Dog”. Summer’s here, and “Love and Hate – The Texas Edition” from Chute Nine is as essential as a good pair of shades and a tall, cold one! Pop it in and Enjoy! – John Moesch, Program Director, KNFM – Lonestar 92

“Their brand of tangled tumbleweed stampedes and haunting booze-fueled love is coated with intelligent machismo that steers clear of egotistical showmanship. I used to buy [records] when I was a kid, and THIS … is exactly why I forked over my hard-earned allowance.” – Randy Ray, Jambase

“These truly complex country boys are proud of the saddle-shaking, straight-shootin’ brand of country that they have mastered on this album.” – Alex Saumel, Marquee Magazine

“Chute Nine . . . brings a welcome sense of rebellion to the mainstream.” – Texas Music Magazine

“The difference between these guys and the usual bar fare is that CHUTE NINE puts on a show!….The fact is they just may save the industry.” – Clear Channel New Music Network

“Aerosmith riding the range” – Dave Boyer, KKRZ FM


TRD: Who do you consider your influences?
CN: Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Lyle Lovett

TRD: What was your first Gig?
CN: Actually our first gig was at a family reunion in a garage! But our first paying gig was Celebrity Rodeo in Woodlawn Park, Colorado 12 years ago. For many years we mainly played the rodeo circuit.

TRD: What groups or singers do you listen to now?
CN: Kevin Fowler, Jack Ingram, The Sadies, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Pink Floyd, Sting

TRD: What is your favorite venue you have performed at? Why?
CN: Ranch Jam at The Ranch in Midland. It’s a great venue with friendly people and the fans rock! We play it every year. Also we love playing on sidewalks! Nashville, Albuquerque, wherever! We usually do it until we have enough money for dinner! Oh, and we can’t leave out playing in an elevator at the Hyatt in Houston. Yep …. we really did. It was awesome!

TRD: If you could perform only 1 more show, anywhere in the world, where would you want to play? Why?
CN: Tough question. We look forward to playing Gruene Hall someday soon. Performing at half time at the Super Bowl would be cool too!

TRD: What is your favorite song you have recorded? Why?
CN: Wow, another tough question. We like them all. “Can You Feel That” …. it’s special because we had family deployed at the time and some of us have military backgrounds …. it was very meaningful to us. “80 Acres” …. it’s about who we are and how we feel …. our families are very important to us. “Mexican Dog” … what can we say? It’s a fun song!

TRD: When you’re not performing what do you like to do with your spare time?

  • Glenn – Go guitar shopping
  • Stingray – Coach football & write songs
  • Jamey – Watch football or baseball
  • MacKenzie – Graphic arts & spend time with my boys
  • Mark – Play the piano & spend time outdoors

TRD: If you could perform with any other artist, who would you like to share the stage with? Why?
CN: A combination of Miles Davis, Lyle Lovett, Sting & Johnny Cash. Why? Because it would kick ass! They’re all outstanding artists in their own genre, however they are/were also outstanding outside their genre. They pushed the envelope even when it wasn’t well received. Of course, now we all see they were ahead of their time. They were about the “music” instead of the “music business”. We feel the same way and we play music we love. Our shows consist mostly of songs we’ve written, but also a few songs by artists we admire, as well as a rock medley.


  • Love and Hate: Texas Edition


Sep. 27 2007 – Blaine’s – San Angelo, TX
Sep. 28 2007 – The Bar – Midland, TX
Sep. 29 2007 – The Bar – Midland, TX
Enjoy! And check back next week when our featured artist is the Bailey

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