(Review) Kellie Coffey – Walk On

This is a great CD. Kellie Coffey has been around since 2001, when she had a top 10 hit “When You Lie Next To Me”. But I feel with the release of this CD she is poised for a breakout year. After listening to the CD I can hear at least 4 top 10’s. This is my breakdown of this awesome CD.

Track Listing for Walk On

  1. Walk On
  2. When Pigs Fly
  3. Everything She Never Wanted
  4. Strong Enough To Cry
  5. I Would Die For That
  6. I Thought I Knew You Well
  7. Bandwagon
  8. It
  9. Everywhere
  10. I Had A Dream
  11. Proud Of Me
  12. There You Go Again

Walk On – Lovely ballad. I have never really been that big on the slow songs but you can just feel Kellie’s emotion in this song. When life throws you a curve and things are trying to get you down all you can do is “Pick yourself up, dust off and Walk On

When Pigs Fly – Humorous song about the one that wants you back. I mentioned earlier that I heard 4 possible top 10’s this is one. Great song with a great hook!

Everything She Never Wanted – How true this song is. Growing up we all have these ideas in our head about the things we want. Then life happens and we always seem to end up with Everything We Never Wanted and best of all we love it! Same with this future top 10 You’ll love it.

Strong Enough To Cry – This song has a strong Bluegrass/Folk feel to it. Reminds me of Alison Krauss. She speaks about wanting a man willing to show a softer side. Face it guys, girls dig it! Just because you cry in front of your woman does not mean you are weak. It take a strong man to do that!

I Would Die For That – This song will launch Kellie towards the level of a Faith or Martina. In 9 weeks the video of this song on YouTube has received over 113,000 views. CMT picked up the video and debuted it on August 7th 2007. Of the 4 songs I talked about earlier this is sure to be a Top 5 if not a Number 1!

I Thought I Knew You Well – Another Folksy Ballad. Beautiful voice. Kellie shows her range on this track with some of the high notes she hits.

Bandwagon – Top 10. If you read any of my other reviews you know I like the Up-tempo stuff and this song just makes you want to move. My personal favorite of he CD.

It – This song has the same feel as Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “The Bug”. “It” is a great song I love it but then again I said I like the up-tempo stuff.

Everywhere – Again I here Alison Krauss doing this song. These ballad type songs fit Kellie’s voice. Simply beautiful!

I Had A Dream – Beautiful song. At some point we all have felt like this or we will.

Proud Of Me – If I had to pick a bad song off the CD I guess it would be this one. or at least I would list it as #12 of the 12 from this CD. Don’t get me wrong it is a good song there is not really a bad song on the CD but I just couldn’t get into this track.

There You Go Again – That beautiful voice of Kellie’s is showcased here again. The song almost has a hymnal feel to it. By that I mean her voice is angelic in my opinion anyway. This is another that ranks up there with the great artist such as Reba, Martina and Faith.

I recommend you buy this CD for your collection. It is available at The Shop @ TRD.

To read Kellie’s Bio and lyrics to her CD goto Kellie Coffey’s Profile on Texas Red Dirt Music Scene’s Web Site

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