Featured Artist of the Week – Cory Morrow


It’s been ten years since Cory Morrow released his debut CD. For Cory, those years have been full of both personal and professional accomplishments, and also some difficulties. Cory Morrow is now one of the most popular performers in Texas, having worked his way up from an unknown songwriter in 1997, to a bona-a-fide household name in Texas Music today.

While writing songs for a new studio CD in 2006, the idea of releasing a CD of classic songs from Cory’s past came about. After tossing around the idea, Cory contacted producer Keith Gattis with the idea of doing something special to mark his tenth year as a dedicated musician. Thus, the aptly named Ten Years was born.

“We threw around the idea of doing a greatest hits record, and I was really unsure about how that would look,” Cory explains.  “It felt a little pretentious and I didn’t want to give the fans a collection of songs they already had.   (Keith) Gattis and I talked, and we decided to rework some of the older songs. I am at a point in my career now when I know how to express what I want the sound to be. Early on, I didn’t quite have the knowledge to express to a producer what I wanted my sound to be. I put a lot of trust in Lloyd (Maines) to produce my early stuff, and he did a wonderful job, but my sound has evolved and this is record reflects where I see it going. Keith and I spent some time digging through the songs on the other albums to pick the tracks for this project, and it was the first time I had listened to them in a while. I’m proud of what we did back then, and I know there will be some fans that will wonder why we are changing the songs they love, but if they give the arrangements a chance, they might find some new favorites. I’m also sure there will be some new fans listening to this, and I hope they go back and listen to the original versions and dig where I was back then and where I am now. Basically, I just want everyone to get a chance to hear it. Getting your music out there and letting people decide for themselves is a great accomplishment.”

Along with the eight re-worked songs, there are two new ones including the Keith Gattis penned I Don’t Want To Get Up, which is the first single to be released from Ten Years. Spinning Around The Moon, which Cory co-wrote with Liz Rose in Nashville, also makes its debut. Also included is the first studio version of Always And Forever, which was on Cory’s Double Exposure Live CD. There has never been a studio version of the song, yet it has become one of the most requested by Cory’s fans.

Ten Years is the second time Cory has teamed with Keith Gattis.  The pair also created the 2005 release Nothing Left To Hide. Cory and Keith have formed a brother-like bond and a solid working relationship, which has made the creation of these albums a great experience for both.

Gattis brings the same west coast influences that formed the backbone of Nothing Left to Hide and blended them with the steady Texas music sound. The combination of Gattis’ talent as a producer and Cory’s renowned as a storyteller will once again push the genre of Texas Music to a new level. Ten Years is sure to earn Cory a new following, and at the same time allow his loyal fans to rediscover the songs they have loved for a decade.

Cory’s new record, Ten Years, will be released April 24th on Sustain Records and will be distributed by Universal Distribution.



TRD: Who do you consider your influences?

CM: My influences were most definitely Willie, Waylon, Kristofferson, Cash, and Haggard. Most recently, Robert Earl Keen, Jack Ingram, Rodney Crowell, and Bob Schneider have topped the list. However, my main influences with music and writing were not country, but rock. I am a fanatical Led Zeppelin freak and love The Who, Beatles, Stones, Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and The Doors. I pretty much love any music that moves me, either emotionally or physically.


TRD: What was your first Gig?

CM: My first gig was in Fort Worth, Texas at The Johnny High Country Music Review. I borrowed my friend Pat Green’s guitar and went up there to play one of my first originals. It was pretty nerve-racking and I kept my eyes closed for the whole song. I’m just glad I didn’t pass out.


TRD:  What groups or singers do you listen to now?

CM: These days I like to listen to my buddies like Randy Rogers, Jason Boland, Adam Hood, and many others.


TRD:  What is your favorite venue you have performed at? Why?

CM: The River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, TX is my absolute favorite place to play. The stage and atmosphere are some of the best in the state. Plus I love the crowds that gather there because they always have a good time and we can always go tubing when we get too hot.


TRD: If you could perform only 1 more show, anywhere in the world, where
would you want to play? Why?

CM: I’d like to play at The Houston Rodeo one more time. It was the biggest thrill to headline there last year and I would love another chance to show my hometown what I’m made of.


TRD: What is your favorite song you have recorded? Why?

CM: I guess it would have to be “Spinning Around The Moon” on our most recent CD, Ten Years. I just love the way it turned out and it is one of my favorite songs I’ve written. It has a very unique sound I think and it has driven me to continue searching for new sounds in my music.


TRD: When you’re not performing what do you like to do with your spare time?

CM: I like to spend time with my family and girlfriend. They live mostly in Houston and up near Fort Worth. Also, I love playing golf and jumping out of airplanes.


TRD: If you could perform with any other artist, who would you like to
share the stage with? Why?

CM: I’d love to play with Rodney Crowell. He is just such an inspiration as a songwriter and singer. I have become an enormous fan of his work in the past few years and would be honored to get a chance to play him some of my stuff.




  • Double Exposure (2000)
  • Man That I’ve Been (2001)
  • Outside The Lines (2002)
  • Cory Morrow Band (2003)
  • Full Exposure (2003)
  • Nothing Left To Hide (2005)
  • Ten Years (2007)
  • Live From Austin, TX (2007)


Check the concert calendar page



Enjoy! And check back next week when our featured artist is the Josh Fuller

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  3. Nice article. Cory will be at the Wormy Dog on Saturday.

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