TRD 2008 Calendar Contest

Ok here is the deal.

We at TRD are going to put together 2 2008 Calendars. One for the Guys and one for the Gals. We need models though. Thank you got what it takes! Send us you picture and we will start posting them in a month or so for voting. We need 12 guys and 12 gals. (No Nudes will be posted or printed) (Don’t mean you can’t send them ladies ;>)

Anyway the calendars, if we get enough models, will be available for sale by November.

Pictures that are preferred are ones that are clear, feature you and only you (Unless with a band member) Club shots are nice but not required! Pictures should be 1024X768 pixels and at least 100DPI.

The 24 models will each receive a free copy of the calendar and 50% off extras if you want more for family and friends. The two models (male & female) with the most votes during the voting phase will get a free CD of their choice.

Send pictures to you have no means to send digital image feel free to send photos to:

Texas / Red Dirt Music Scene
31 County Road 4114 SE
Mount Vernon,TX 75457

A1so please submit this info with your pictures:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. City/State
  4. Favorite Venue
  5. Favorite Red Dirt Band/Artist
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