Review: Amanda Graves – Nobody’s Fool

The powerful vocal stylings of this young lady are sure to take her far. Amanda’s debut album, which is chock full of her original songs, showcases her diversity. Great lyrics and the ability to change the feel from song to song combined with good guitar playing I feel is the combination for a long career.

Track Listing for Nobody’s Fool

  1. Running With The Devil
  2. Long Way Back
  3. Nobody’s Fool
  4. Drown
  5. White Rock Road
  6. Texas Home Sweet Home
  7. Business Suit Blues
  8. Be There For Me
  9. Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth
  10. Empty Glass

Running With The Devil – Powerful vocals and great lyrics. This track is one of my favorites from the CD. Amanda’s voice has just enough roughness to push the message of the song.
Long Way Back – The vocals on this track remind me of LeAnn Rimes. Very sultry and slow. An awesome slow dance song, sure to get ’em on the dance floor. Sometimes we have to work hard to get back to where we were.

Nobody’s Fool – Another power ballad with a message. “You messed up and I ain’t takin’ you back!” Great song! On Radio Free Texas this track get a lot of play time! The bluesy feel just mellows you out.

Drown – Bluesy ballad. If you have ever been in love, real love, you’ll get this song! Amanda’s voice carries this song.
White Rock Road – The classic can’t wait to leave home and get out on your own song. And then can’t wait to get back home! A great foot tapper, can’t help but swaying to this one. It ain’t Red Dirt but if this is the music that come from the White Rock who cares!

Texas Home Sweet Home – This is my favorite track on the CD. An up-tempo song that praises Texas, what could be better. I have to agree with Amanda on this one, I would not want to live anywhere else! Powerful, wide range in Amanda’s vocals on this one.

Business Suit Blues – Another great up-tempo track. My personal preference tends to be the up-tempos are great, but this track is great! Still got the bluesy feel but with an attitude.
Be There For Me – Guys, grab you girls and get on the dance floor. This one is sure to get her head on your shoulder! This Micky & The Motorcars track is perfect for Amanda. I am not a big fan of the slow ballad type songs personally but I like the sound Amanda gives to the ballads on this CD.

Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth – Written by Amanda’s father, Jimmy Graves. Great acoustic guitar work on this one. One down side to the whole CD though is Amanda’s vocals on this track. I know it’s an acoustic song but with the headphones on you can hear the breath or wind and the strong pronounced words. Other than that I liked it.

Empty GlassGary Stewart would be proud of this version! Again as I said Amanda’s voice fits the ballad songs and this is no exception. She did justice to this classic. Usually the classic songs, in my opinion get butchered because we are so use to the originals. Remake by other artist don’t stand up. Not this song Amanda brings new life to this classic. I hope this one will make it to the radio.

I recommend you buy this CD for your collection. It is available at Lonestar Music.

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