Review: New Red Dirt for July

I want to thank CD Tex.Com for allowing me to review new Red Dirt Music I received my first CD from them this weekend and I loved it! here is a break down of the track listing.

  1. You Get My by Adam Fears
  2. Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass Now by The Derailers
  3. Really Never Loved Her Anyway by Trent Summar
  4. Mexican Dog (Radio Edit) by Chute Nine
  5. Mexican Dog (Album Version) by Chute Nine
  6. Anytime Anywhere by Julie Ingram
  7. Comfortable In This Skin by Mark McKinney
  8. 27 Miles by David Lavender
  9. Angelene by Bill Wence with Sisters Morales
  10. Queen Of The Honky Tonks by Kyle Hunt Band

Adam Fears comes on strong with “You Get Me”. A good feeling, hard rockin’ bluesy song. The high energy feel just makes you want to move! I Get Him!

The Derailers “Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass Now” has a 60’s Monkees feel, but that’s not a bad thing the message is basically “Hey women when I leave who’s gonna do for you what I do?” After hearing it once you can’t help but sing along the next time. It has catchy lyrics and come on guys we all want to say what they say in this song.

Trent Summar hits home on what love is with “Really Never Loved Her Anyway”. I admit just by looking at the title I thought it was gonna be a Brad Paisley Fishin’ kinda song. That couldn’t be further from what it is. If you want to know if you love your woman give this one a listen and it will all become clear to you.

Chute Nine has a great Red Dirt sound with Mexican Dog. This love at first sight song gives an example of what can happen. She didn’t feel the same way as him and he got the dog when she left. Ordinarily that is OK but this dog came from hell. But when a new girl falls for him he has the chance to get rid of the dog. The radio edit cuts out two words (balls & bastard) Personally I like the album version better.

Julie Ingram‘s voice is reminiscent of Patsy Cline with a touch on Tanya Tucker. “Anytime Anywhere” is sure to be a hit. It is a classic “I would do anything for you” love song with an up-tempo beat.

Mark McKinney is a huge success on MySpace with his MySpace Theme Song and “Comfortable In The Skin” is sure to just as big on the radio. The song has got that outlaw feel to the sound but talks about being true. There is nothing wrong with being white trash. After all the US flag and the TEXAS flag are red, white and blue and down here in Red Dirt territory that means Red Dirt, White Trash and Blue Collar! McKinney, I feel, is destined to be a Hall Of Fame performer! and this track just ROCKS!

David Lavender will tug at your patriotic heart strings with this one. The song starts with a medivac helicopter radio transmission talking about 6 injured and 1 fatality. We here at home just don’t know what our soldiers go through because Our Country asked them to. “27 Miles” pays homage to the fallen soldiers that we will never know but we should never forget!

Bill Wence‘s Angelene is a great feel good apology song for a love lost. When I was listening to it I felt as though I was listening to Jimmy Buffet, it just has that tropical feel with a wester influence to it. The Sisters Morales did a great harmony on backup too. Many of you probably don’t know who Bill Wence is but he is a radio promoter in the Americana and Red Dirt Scene. And I must say one hell of a singer/song writer also.

Kyle Hunt really rocks out with this song about the “Queen Of The Honky Tonks.” This song will climb the charts pretty fast I think. With it’s up-tempo beat and powerful lyrics it gets in you and makes you want to move. The back beat really gets you foot tapping. And the woman he’s talking about, you know her, there is one in every honky tonk. That “halter-top … boot stompin’ … tight fittin’ slowly intermittent movement in those blue jeans” queen. OMG! Right!

All great song so be sure to listen to your radio and request these sure fire hits!

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    The bloggers at Texas / Red Dirt Music Scene recently reviewed our new batch of singles appearing on CD-Tex
    The Derailers “Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass Now” has a 60’s Monkees feel, but that’s not a bad thing the message is basically “Hey wom…

  2. I do love the classics.

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