Featured Artist of the Week – Josh Ward Band


Josh Ward and his band have a unique style of traditional honky-tonk mixed with Texas Attitude and Good Ol’ Southern Rock. Lead Singer, Josh Ward, Has a unique almost un-touchable voice that grabs your attention. Just a few songs into a set and you will see just why the Josh Ward Band is turning heads everywhere they perform.

Josh Ward’s influences stretch back to some of the founding fathers of country music like Hank and Lefty, to the outlaws like Waylon and Willie, all the way up to the modern day Texas/Red Dirt music stars like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Pat Green, Pat Green and Jason Boland. Add in some rock and blues for a little extra flavor, and that’s what makes up a Josh Ward Show. Josh Ward and his band lean toward the country side of Texas Music, however, a couple times a night they crank it up and get rowdy. Whether its traditional country, old time Rock & Roll, or Texas Music Fans looking for a good time, Josh Ward leaves no one disappointed, and everyone asking for more!

Born May 15th, 1980 in Houston, Texas, Josh was raised on country music, although, his first musical influence was old gospel hymns he would sing at church. As a teenager Willie, Waylon, Merle and George Jones and Strait were his inspirations. While riding the high school Rodeo Circuit, Josh polished his guitar and vocals skills while singing on the tailgate of pickups at local rodeos.

He joined his first band in early 2003 playing local honky-tonks and bars, giving Josh the stage time and experience needed to stretch out on his own and pursue his life long dream of performing and playing music full time.


TRD: Who do you consider your influences?

JW: I have so many…Willie, Waylon, Merle, George Jones and George Strait, Hank Jr., Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash; the list just goes on and on. Thanks to my cousin, Rick, I was introduced at a VERY young age to the hair-bands back in the day like Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Poison, Slaughter, and whatever else he wanted to try to corrupt me with. I’ve been influenced by a wide range of genres. Our live show proves that!

TRD: What was your first Gig?

JW: I played a ton of private parties before I started gigging out with bands. The first band that I played with full time was Private Stock; I think our very first gig was the Wet Deck in Livingston, back in 2002.

TRD: What groups or singers do you listen to now?

JW: I’m a fan of pretty much every band out there right now, here lately when we’ve been on the road we’ve been listening to Brandon Rhyder, Waylon Payne, & Jarrod Birmingham. I seriously have about 300 CD’s in the truck with me so you never know what I’m going to be listening to.

TRD: What is your favorite venue you have performed at? Why?

JW: Floores Country Store in Helotes. Couple of years ago I was opening for Brandon Jenkins that night and the lead guitar player I hired that night was a no-show. I’m pacing back and forth in the back room trying to figure out what I was going to do. If you’ve ever been in the green-room area of Floores you know that there are pictures of most of the greats that have performed there through the years. I’m looking at those pictures knowing that I’m screwed for the night. Brandon had a lead guitar player by the name of Soupbone at the time and he volunteered to fill in on lead for our set. We had all of 30 minutes to run down the set and go over our original songs with him. He got on stage with us and we burnt the place down, I had the best time of my life out there that night. What had started out as a disaster actually turned out to be a better show than it would have been had the other guy showed up and I get to tell people that Soupbone played guitar for me. He’s killer…..

TRD: If you could perform only 1 more show, anywhere in the world, where
would you want to play? Why?

JW: Wouldn’t anybody from Texas want to play the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo? I might throw up by the time I get off that rotating stage, but yeah….that would be the ultimate gig.

TRD: What is your favorite song you have recorded? Why?

JW: “Let It Ride” I wrote it about 4 months before my son was born. I was going through a hard time emotionally, financially, had a lot on my plate and knowing that we had this little human being on the way that was going to have to depend on me, well it gets to you. You start wondering if you are good enough or if you are going to be the father he deserves. It was a time when no matter how hard I was working I wasn’t getting anywhere, just stuck in a rut. Honestly I still wake up some days and feel that way, but now that he’s here all he has to do is look at me with that goofy little smile and everything is right with the world. He makes me work harder.

TRD: When you’re not performing what do you like to do with your spare time?

JW: Find a fishin’ hole. If I’m not fishing I’m in a bad mood. It’s therapy for me.

TRD: If you could perform with any other artist, who would you like to
share the stage with? Why?

JW: George Strait, he’s the king. I’d like to do a song swap with him. I know every single song off the white tapes by the time I was like 10. He helped me out with the little ladies back in the day. Thanks George!


  • Hard Whiskey (5/22/2007)


  • June 14 – Schotzi’s – College Station, TX
  • June 15 – Corner PubConroe, TX
  • June 16 – Banita Creek HallNacogdoches, TX (Opening for South First Band)
  • June 21 – Firehouse SaloonHouston, TX (Opening for Wayne Hubbard Band)
  • June 22 – Stardust Room Southern Pub – Huntsville, TX
  • June 30 – Borski’s TavernWillis, TX

Enjoy! And check back next week when our featured artist is the Bart Crow Band.

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